The Snooze Bowl

Tonight the crappy Cardinals and frustrating 49ers match up for what is certain to resemble one of those blooper shows hosted by Mike Golic in the 90’s.  Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers in the game right now,but until Az can find a quarterback to get him the ball, he’s a non-factor.  On the other side, Frank Gore will be trying to run the rock, but with no offensive line to speak of, or  passing threat, Darnell Dockett and Joey Porter are going to be the ones doing the Goring.  Now if Vernon Davis can score me 40 points or so I can win my fantasy matchup. Fingers crossed.

The only way we can hope for any real excitement is if two of the guys can do their best Finnigan/ Johnson impression.  For $25,000, it is totally worth being the only story talked about on TV, Internet and radio all day.

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